36 Images That Are Just Fascinating

Fascinating photos of our fascinating world that you don't see this every day. Pull your head out of the sand and check out some of the odd and wonderful things the world has to offer.
1. “Grandad’s tools cleaned and oiled. Tool boxes refinished. Ready for a few more generations.”
2. “Meet the Bumblebee Bat: the smallest bat on planet Earth.”
3. “When you think of obsidian, you likely think pure black, however, this is not always the case. This is Gold sheen Obsidian from Mexico, and it is has a iridescent gold sheen to it caused by bubbles of gas that were trapped during the lava's rapid cooling!”
4. “A restaurant in Malaysia has a product discount system depending on how thin you are.”
5. “Some 5 pointed starfish can be squared due to birth defects.”
6. “A very photogenic snake!”
7. “Bear paw armor used by warriors in Islamic, Indian, Persian and Pakistani civilizations.”
8. “X-ray selfie.”
9. “Lost and found road in Dubai.”
10. “Some uranium glass from the early 1900s.”
11. “The dark side of the moon captured from one millions miles away.”
12. “Peter Szucsy - steampunk spider.”
13. “A picture demonstrating how smoke is Particulate Matter (PM) suspended in the air.”
14. “Marie Curie's laboratory notebook from 1899-1902, is radioactive and will be for 1500 years.”
15. “Green meteor in India.”
16. “A Rare Albino Giraffe.”
17. “Rhino Beetle.”
18. “The way bees produce wax.”
19. “Close-up view of book pages.”
20. “The clearest photo of Neil Armstrong walking on the moon, enhanced from the reflection in Buzz Aldrin's helmet.”
21. “A hedge cut in half.”
22. “Ancient Rome Aqueduct, Patara, Turkey.”
23. “Close-up of a horse’s eye looks like a surreal Martian landscape.”
24. “The Beipanjiang Bridge, in the mountains of southwestern China, soars 565m (1,854ft) above a river.”
25. “Boeing 737 - Cockpit.”
26. “NASA Captured an 11,000 Year Old Star Exploding.”
27. “Different varieties of corn.”
28. “A mix of abstract and realism!”
29. “White Sugar under a microscope.”
30. “Amazing colourful pebbles in Lake Mcdonald.”
31. “In Machining we use Brass Hammers so we don't damage parts made from Steel. We get a new hammer every year or so.”
32. “An extremely-rare 10-shot harmonica pistol from the 19th century. Wow!”
33. “Pope Francis was once gifted a Lamborghini that was then auctioned off for charity.”
34. “I stayed up until 4am to capture this! HDR Waning Moon - Composite Image.”
35. “Carved green onyx gemstone grapes.”
36. “Size of a newborn swordfish.”

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