28 Couples Who Are Clearly Perfect For Each Other

Couples that prove love comes in all shapes and sizes. More at Awkward Family Photos.
1. His look says it all: "U mad, bro?"
2. Their love really paints a picture, doesn't it?
3. Love for these two is "just like riding a bike."
4. This couple's Tarzan and Jane impression is flawless.
5. It wasn't even Halloween...
6. Their love is like, far out, man.
7. Love may be blind, but this couple can clearly see how perfect they are together.
8. The couple that sprays together, stays together.
9. Who wore it better?
10. You don't need to be able to see them, they've already found each other.
11. They're just shocked anyone would even question how great they are together.
12. The force is strong with them...
13. "Our love is like a parakeet and an AK-47...whatever that means."
14. "It's just you, me, and F. silvestris catus."
15. "This is what happens when a gamer couple wants to cuddle..."
16. Their love transcends all comprehension...
17. They're phoning home... together.
18. Their love is held together with more than just duct tape.
19. They'll really stick their necks out for each other.
20. This couple's been leveling up for decades.
21. This couple finds the idea of spending their lives with anyone else HI-LARIOUS.
22. "Our portrait will have the 3 C's: the Cosmos, Cats, and Cuteness."
23. They're serial... soulmates.
24. No comment...
25. No need to feed the meter, their love will never run out of time.
26. They're the purrfect couple.
27. They've walked a mile in each other's shoes...
28. Their love's got me seeing double.

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