21 Memes Only Your Dad Would Get

Men’s sense of humor can be harsh and unpredictable sometimes. Take a look at some more awesome Memes that your dad or yourself might enjoy.
1. When you’re on a business trip but the only thing you want is sleep
2. Men also have their drama.
3. How else do you attract attention to the mirror you want to sell?
4. When regular golf isn’t that exciting anymore
5. Men’s intuition is rather ironic.
6. You need to be ambitious to achieve your goals.
7. A real engineer knows how to make their presentations spectacular.
8. Sometimes you don’t need to ask.
9. “My friend had a photo shoot with my McDonald’s hashbrown at 4 am.”
10. When your son is a prankster
11. A wife stepped on a string hanging from her husbands pants. They unraveled all the way up a mile away from home.
12. The commenter is probably a philosopher.
13. Well, now you know the truth about ducks.
14. “So, my sister is in Hawaii right now and sent photos to the group message and my dad responded with this.”
15. “My uncle is an infectious disease doctor. I found this perfect mug at his house today.”
16. When you know how to position your services right
17. The equivalent of sending sexy photos to the wife when you have a baby
18. The pranking pilot
19. “My brother has been complaining for 3 days that he lost his cap with the deer on it.”
20. Just like you said!
21. When you’d prefer a thick wallet

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